Sixty-Four (64)

Tom Leu

Accountability? What is it really?

Is it just a check list of shit to do? Is it ensuring that you’re doing all you need to be doing? Is it some kind of Big Brother thing put in place to watch over you? Is it being held to a standard? Is it having the bar raised around you to promote peak performance? Is it having to overcome complacency? Is it pushing your buttons at times? Is it challenging you to do more; to go farther; and to excel?

It’s all of this and more.

In actuality, accountability is quite often about pain. The presence of applicable pain necessary to push people through limitations and do far more than they ever thought possible. Pain can be positive, when put in perspective. I’ve heard it said that “pain is mediocrity leaving the body.” I love that.

And for the 5% reading this now, I trust you will too…

Stay tuned-in…

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