Sixty-Three (63)

Tom Leu

No one should have to go it alone… no matter what IT is.

There are always others out there who are willing and able to assist us when we need it. Hell, even when we don’t think we need it, which are oftentimes, the times when we need it most. There’s power in teams, even if it’s simply a team of two or three.

Most of us want to help others; we want to offer our assistance and/or our knowledge and expertise to others. It feels good to do so. Sometimes it’s offered; sometimes we need to ask.

Never underestimate the impact another person’s positive perspective and attitude can have on YOU. And equally, never underestimate the impact YOUR positive perspective can have on others.

Pardon the pun, but positivity is contagious. Positivity ripples. Outward. Far and wide. Often invisible to the ones generating it, but no less effective.

Stay tuned-in…

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