CWT-7: Rocking Recovery

What is CONVERSATIONS WITH TOM? Read THIS for an overview… Ricky Midway: Despite all you’ve written and produced over the years, there was still something missing right? Tom Leu: Yes there was. It’s what this new endeavor of yours is about right? Yes… though it’s not really new, it’s just something I had been avoiding for some time. Why?Continue reading “CWT-7: Rocking Recovery”

CWT-6: Bathroom Books

Tom Leu: I love to read. Ricky Midway: I know you do. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say I love to learn. Perhaps… reading may just be a means to an end for you? Maybe. But that’s another conversation entirely. Tell me about these books of yours. Well, I have lots of books. LotsContinue reading “CWT-6: Bathroom Books”

CWT-5: Something to Prove

Ricky Midway: So why do you try so hard? Tom Leu: Is this a trick question? Are there hidden cameras nearby or something? Not at all. I’m serious… you seem so serious all the time with all you do. I’m genuinely wondering why you put SO much effort into your work?  First of all… I knowContinue reading “CWT-5: Something to Prove”

CWT-4: Pop Quiz

Ricky Midway: I want to give you a little test. Tom Leu: What kind of test? A pop quiz. I thought I was through with those things when I finished college? We’re never through being quizzed and tested in life… You speak the truth. So just tell me the first thing that comes to mindContinue reading “CWT-4: Pop Quiz”

CWT-3: Lust Kills

Ricky Midway: Catchy title. Tom Leu: Glad you like it. So are you going to be preaching about sexual indiscretion or something now? Nah… I don’t preach; I prefer to teach, and coach. There’s a big difference. Some think preaching and teaching are the same, but they’re practically opposites… they can actually be contradictions ofContinue reading “CWT-3: Lust Kills”

CWT-2: Buffet(t)

Ricky Midway: So are we pronouncing this one buff-AY or buff-ETT? Tom Leu: Both. Both? Yes, because I have a love/hate relationship with both. You mean… “buffets” as in the “Old Country”-style large food conglomerations that are often over-populated particularly on Sunday mornings and on other assorted holidays? Apropo description… Yes, that’s one of them. AndContinue reading “CWT-2: Buffet(t)”

CwT-1: Once Written

Ricky Midway: What’s this? Tom Leu: An ongoing column or essay in the format of a Q&A. I’m calling it Conversations with Tom. Who’s asking the questions? Ricky Midway (that’s you); the interviewer and my alter-ego. He/you represents all the voices in my head asking the tough questions. Okay… and you (Tom Leu), are answering theseContinue reading “CwT-1: Once Written”