“Human Relations”… not-so-common-sense

For years, I taught a college course called “Human Relations.” It was always my favorite class to teach because the content blended principles of communication and psychology, and was the inspiration for many of my Communichology™ concepts going forward.

The course was often misunderstood at the outset by both students AND staff because the title is so obviously deceptive.

Many people zoomed right on by the significance of these two words, and therefore missed the power of the course and its many practical concepts and applications in day-to-day life. Further, this course and its content was often dismissed as “common sense.”

This stuff is easy to talk about, but difficult to do.

>> Human Relations = to relate (effectively) to other humans… pretty straight-forward right? Not necessarily…

Here’s where it gets tricky…

Effectively relating to others, and demonstrating empathy, requires us first to effectively relate to, and understand ourselves, honestly. Again, easy to say, hard to do… no small task for many, dare I say, MOST people.

This subject is as internal as it is external… just like looking in a mirror is both an internal and external exercise simultaneously. We first have to see ourselves, and then hopefully we will “see” ourselves. Without being truly in touch with ourselves first, we will be arguably less effective when dealing with others. Communication works if it’s worked.

The mirror has to reflect both ways. Many “get” this, but fail to really get into it fully.

It’s work. It’s often very difficult work. But it’s very necessary.

the shiFt: there are 3 steps in this journey:

  • Awareness – We first have to tune-in and begin to know > what we don’t know, or think we may know > but may be mistaken about our own psychology and communication skills.

To do: Admit that perception isn’t always reality, and begin owning both your good and not-so-good tendencies and habits.

  • Education – Next, we need to set about learning more about ourselves; about our blind spots… and about how our history, and our experiences shape the complex nuances of our interpersonal communications with others.

To do: Take a Human Relations-type course, workshop, or seminar >> or two, or three…

  • Application – Finally, we have to act on this awareness and education and begin an ongoing process of applying what we now know… now. Define and then refine and repeat.

To do: Practice at home and on the job; a lot. Strive to miss less than most.

Bottom Line:

Far more than just common sense, human relations is a critical skill set that can be developed provided the proper amounts of courage, honesty, and ongoing diligence are present. The importance of this discipline cannot be overstated.

Becoming a master of yourself affords you the opportunity to be masterful with others… in many kinds of situations, most of the time.

And who doesn’t stand to benefit from that?

Stay tuned-in…

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Stop Complaining, Get Pissed, & Grow a Pair


If this title offends you (*self-assured chuckle*) then you probably won’t find anything of value here.

This piece is for those (of us) who benefit from getting the cage rattled a little bit sometimes. If you can’t handle that, then you should consider clicking off… no harm, no foul. But, if you think you might be in the 5% I target, then please read on…

I can’t stand perpetual whiners. I have a very low tolerance for those who bitch and moan constantly about the status quo; those who are solution-averse, problem-dwellers.

Boo, fucking hoo…

Your plans didn’t pan out? Your goals got side-lined? Your expectations weren’t met? Your ego got bruised?

What are you gonna do now? What do you do with those inevitable moments of discouragement, doubt, disillusionment, and despair?

Kick and scream? Pout? Blame others? Give up? These are all (self-sabotaging) options for you if you choose them.

However, I suggest you start stopping your self-sabotage NOW!



…wasting your precious time; it’s NOT unlimited; time is ticking.

…complaining about everyone and everything.

…whining about all the reasons why your life has not turned out the way you wanted it to.

…blaming others for why you don’t have what you want.

…beating yourself up for having dreams that are challenging and hard to achieve.

…turning to diversions (attractive distractions) that get you off track.

…using money as an excuse for why you can’t do something (point: we all “find” the money we need for the things that we really want).

…hearing only what you want to hear and believing your own bullshit.

…second guessing your real passions (point: if they recur, they’re likely real).

…envying those who (appear to) have what you want (most don’t).

…trying to be all things to all people (point: diplomacy has its place, but so does drawing a line in the sand, taking a position and putting people in their place when necessary).

…ignoring the signs that confirm you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.



…listening to others you trust.

…believing in your real abilities and strengths.

…taking tangible action toward your goals.

…accepting that you’re going to get down occasionally, and that’s OK.

…embracing that not everyone is going to dig you and what you do.

…committing to sharpening your skills, learning new things, and growing as a human being.

Stop complaining – and only identifying and rehashing the problems, without a solution.

Get pissed – reach your threshold, the point of no return, a moment of truth that moves you act.

Grow a pair – realize your solutions, make decisions, undertake massive and consistent action of high-pay off activities to change your circumstances.

To accomplish all of the above, keep these 3 initiatives on your radar at all times:

  • FOCUS – continually be creating, evolving, and executing your plan.
  • INSULATE – avoid the many dream stealers attempting to suck the fucking life out of you; embrace primarily those who keep you inspired, yet accountable.
  • PERSPECTIVE – recalibrate, recharge, recommit, re-examine, and re-focus your actions daily along the way.

Stop simply drowning in the “dreaming”… start really doing.

Agree or disagree; just no apathy.

Stay tuned-in…

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Need It Most

I’m so sick of some people dismissing blog posts, talks or trainings on the so-called “soft skills” as simply “common sense.” Just because you may have read a few books or articles on communication and listening skills, or even attended a seminar or two over the years hardly qualifies you (or me, or anyone) as an expert on these all-important topics. If this information was so “common sensical,” then communication breakdowns would occur far less often than they do.

Question: What do you call common sense not applied? Answer: All-too-common.

In fact, I propose that those who are quickest to side-step this stuff (I call them the Tools) are those who need it most

Just because some content may seem to contain “nothing new under the sun” in your tiny world-view doesn’t mean the information is any less valuable or necessary. In fact, by directly saying, or implying that you “already know all this stuff” is evidence of the contrary. Truly skilled communicators would NEVER imply they know it all. In fact, they know the opposite. These are the 5%.

Great communicators never have to tell anyone that they are a great communicator… think about that. It’s unnecessary because it’s EVIDENT in their actions, words, and nonverbals.

Great communicators know how to deliver and receive bad news in a way that yields the best reception from their audience. The “my-way-or-the-highway” false bravado bullshit many spew is tired and transparent. There may well be “nothing new under the sun,” but this also includes those smug-asshat-types who bash and bemoan everything just to have an unoriginal voice.

The originality lies in the delivery; in the unique presentation of said information.

Is there anything that someone can possibly offer up that someone, somewhere else doesn’t already know? Probably not. So for all of you “it’s all just common sense” flag-wavers… please do the rest of us a favor and shut the hell up. Your pessimism contributes nothing, and therefore your opinion doesn’t matter. Your negative spew demonstrates both a lack of, and therefore a real need for the exact type of information that’s being presented.

You’ll never see it that way though. You’ll never admit it. You can’t. You’re incapable of the type of humility and honesty necessary for authentic self-reflection. You think that because you “tell it like it is” or “pull no punches” that your edginess is your greatness. It’s not. Or that you’re somehow more enlightened than everyone else. You’re not. You’re actually less so. This tough and gruff, unfiltered demeanor demonstrates a large lack of quality communication and listening skills at best, or a large lack of self-esteem and self-worth at worst. I’m betting on both in most cases.

Now, some of you will say: “I don’t give a shit what you think.” Those who continually claim to “not give a shit” – often give a shit the most. Why else waste time proclaiming it? To feel compelled to let others know that you “don’t give a shit” proves that you do. Because if you truly “don’t give a shit,” then you wouldn’t give a shit if anyone knew that fact or not.

To clarify: I love (helpful) people who say it like it is, and speak their truth. But then again, I hate (hurtful) people who do this at the same time…  So what’s the difference? I believe it comes down to one’s intentions; the motives underneath the behavior. This difference is THE difference. If the intent is to burn someone or something at the stake simply for sport, or because you’re threatened or disagreed with, then you’re a dick. You suck, and your outspokenness is hurtful and bad. These types are the ones who hide behind their rancor and their rants out of fear. If however your intent is to empower and embolden because you desire to make a difference and contribute, then you rock and your veracity is helpful and good. The difference is whether the endgame is adding positive, or adding negative into the world.

Defensive you say? Damn right I’m defensive, but not in the way you think…

I’m defending my right to speak my mind as well, and to call out the other side of this subject. The side that says you “know-it-all” types are the least knowing of all. I’m defending a position that few take, but needs to be taken more seriously, more often.

If you really think you’re a great communicator and don’t need to sharpen your human relations skills then DEMONSTRATE it by effectively communicating without alienating negatively. Can you do it? I don’t think so… but, I’ve always been an optimist so perhaps there’s still hope for you. Hell, maybe another “how-to” resource is right around the corner that will be just what the doctor ordered to enlighten you?

You see, I really do give a shit…

Stay tuned-in…

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Power of the Potty Mouth


Other titles I considered for this article that I didn’t choose, but liked them enough to still want to list them here: “The Pragmatism of Profanity” – “The Value of Vulgarity” – “The Swagger of Swearing” – “The Cunning of Cussing”…

Cursing, cussing, swearing, profanity, vulgarity, course language, strong language, whatever you call it,  being a potty mouth is often as controversial as it is colorful. But really, what’s the big deal? For some it IS a big deal; for others, not so much. For me and my crew, it’s a day in the life. But before going any FURTHER (FYI – to substantiate my assertion below, I actually researched the best grammatical choice of using either the word “further” or “farther” in the preceding sentence), a point of clarification:

**Am I endorsing the constant use of cursing, cussing, and course language? Well, hell no of course… Like everything in life, there’s always the proverbial right “time and place for everything” right? The when and where are up to each of us based on the current situation or circumstances we find ourselves in. It’s subjective. Three questions I ask myself to assist when assessing this: 1) Where am I? 2) What’s my role? 3) Who am I with? You should be asking and answering these questions incessantly yourself to decipher your best next-steps, to get the best outcomes, for ALL of your communication choices in the moment. This is a core emotional intelligence competency that I will expand on in another post.**

What this is not is another post debating or defending the right to swear or use profanity if one chooses to or not. That’s already been done many times. See a good example here.

This piece is different because it’s about disproving the tired accusation that those who consistently curse do so because they are incapable of “higher” vocabulary. The argument has been put forth that those who curse are somehow less intelligent and/or possibly lower-functioning than non-cursers; and that doing so lessens both their message and personal credibility. (Yeah, I know, bullshit right?) This is about demonstrating the pragmatism of, and proving the capability to strategically use the occasional curse word. Let’s examine the following sentences pairs, one with and one without “course language”…

“According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual’s latest revision, Mr. Smith is exhibiting behaviors consistent with Antisocial Personality Disorder.”

“That dude’s one pissed off fucking nut job.”

Two different sentences. Two different delivery styles. Two different impacts. One general message. Which is more effective? Which do you prefer?

How about these two:

“She circumvented her responsibility.”

“Bitch blew off work.”

Same thing right? One “nice” way of saying something, one supposedly “crass” way of saying virtually the same thing. Each sentence I wrote was carefully planned. Each word choice was deliberate and had a purpose. The point is clear: I am equally articulate using politically correct, high-brow vocabulary, as I am using more low-brow verbiage. Furthermore, I’m equally competent choosing to use fifty-cent words, as I am comfortable choosing to use five-cent words. And because that’s true, my license to curse is a valid, and valuable addition to my communications toolbox. Both worlds ring true to me, and are useful to my purposes given my needed style of communication at any given moment. This affords me more choices (these next two lines are my personal favorites):

“My palette with which to paint and demonstrate my written dexterity, and my verbal virtuosity is large.”

“Fuck yes it is! That shit’s by design bro…”

See, properly-placed vulgarity can add value to enervated vernacular (look it up…).

The truth is, it DOES matter how things are said. It’s both WHAT and HOW you say what you say that matters most. What doesn’t matter, is how others EXPECT you to say what you say, or PREFER you to say what you say. Only YOU should decide what and how you say what you say depending on your purposes and audience. This is the thesis of this vignette. Don’t miss it.

I don’t cuss because I have to; I cuss because I choose to.

**The audience I’m most interested in reaching are those who are NOT offended by the occasional curse word or two, or three. The audience I’m most interested in reaching are those who have been around the block in life, and experienced the world in a way that doesn’t require them to get all riled-up over a person’s choice of words. The audience I’m most interested in reaching are those who recognize their own daily hypocrisy, and are transparent enough to embrace it, and rise above their occasional susceptibility to self-righteousness. The audience I’m most interested in reaching are those who focus on real, and important issues, not head-fakes or sidebar bullshit… like whether one uses profanity or not. The audience I’m most interested in reaching are real people, who don’t take themselves too seriously, and appreciate others coming from that same place and point-of-view.

But there’s a lot of stigma attached to swearing. Some assert it comes with a cost. Even today, it’s still socially frowned upon by many, in many settings, by and large. It always will be. Hypocrisy is alive and well… always will be (you know who you are). No matter how intelligently debated; no matter how cunning, some will never give cussing its appropriate street cred. It’s truly a pity despite the power the potty mouth wields. Fuck ’em I say, fuck ’em all. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. DO whatever it is that you do to contribute to the conversation.

Stay tuned-in…

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The “Common Sense” Defense

Sooooo often… sooooo unbelievably often… I hear some variation of the following statement while out training, teaching, or speaking:

“I already ‘know’ all of this stuff; it’s all just ‘common sense‘…”

Really? Give me a break… It’s a BIG, ballsy statement if you really think about it.

Someone is basically saying: “There’s nothing you have to offer here that I’ve not already learned, been exposed to, or already mastered. Your entire life, life experiences, and acquired education can offer me nothing new and useful to apply to my life because I ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING.”

Wow! Read it again and SAY it out loud this time; hear just how ridiculous this claim actually is…


By even making this assertion, you’re demonstrating the exact opposite of what you’re claiming. <Strike 1>. This supposed knowing indirectly asserts that the information is somehow less valuable because it’s “common” and therefore a commodity.

The BIG question you should be asking yourself: “Is this knowledge I claim to have evident in my actions?” If the answer is ‘No’ it doesn’t matter how much you ‘Know.’ It quickly becomes knowledge that is worth… less. Not worthless, just less valuable. <Strike 2>.

Knowledge is good. Acquire all you can. Learn, and then learn some more. Read and research ’til your heart’s content. But KNOW this: Knowing and doing are completely different. We all “know” lots of things. It doesn’t mean we consistently apply what we know. It’s not enough to know about something or to simply talk about something. We have to DO something and make things happen for the common to become uncommon. Recognizing this distinction and putting good knowledge into action to produce real, tangible results is rare.

Uncommon success in any area of life requires taking common sense on the road so-to-speak.

Those who are unable to bridge this knowledge-to-action gap (either because of oblivion or obstinance), are likely suffering from what I call the “Common Sense” Defense. This is a conscious and/or subconscious defense mechanism people use to manage their disappointment around their lack of progress or production in certain areas. This technique shields a person from the discomfort associated with facing themselves up-close-and-personal. This is so uncomfortable for many, that any method to avoid it will be employed. The most common tactic is to claim “common sense.”

“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18.” ~ Albert Einstein

Smoking is an obvious, yet powerful example. No one will argue that smoking is hazardous for the health of the human body. People die from it every day. We can call this common sense because everybody knows it. Yet millions still smoke despite this common knowledge. History proves that the most profound wisdom and universal truths are simple to understand, yet often difficult to implement.

If your supposed knowledge is not evident in your actions; if I cannot “see” it demonstrated in your behavior, then this “knowledge” you claim is compromised, therefore inconsequential.

the shiFt:

Instead of proclaiming what you supposedly “know,” start demonstrating it in what you DO, everyday, in every way. Of course what some call common sense, others call crazy. It becomes a matter of perspective based on one’s social, cultural and educational background.

Soooo, to all of the “know-it-alls” out there, keep reading, listening, and watching here, there, and everywhere because YOU are the ones who likely Need It Most… If not, <Strike 3>…

Stay tuned-in…

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Retire Your Representative

I want to talk about versions… versions of you; versions of me. Another name for it is your representative. Those parts of you and me that get put forth, but aren’t real. The alter egos that can cause personal alienation. The faces and we show the world, but aren’t actually the most honest, truest versions of ourselves. You know, the real you and me that we reserve only for those closest to us?

So here’s the question for you: How often does your representative show up?

> You know, that person who is merely a version of you… not the real you.

> You know, the more politically-correct, diplomatic version of you who attempts to keep up with Jones’ and saves so much face that you’re virtually unrecognizeable.

> You know, that watered-down version of you that has no edge, no real point-of-view, no distinguishable differentiation.

> You know, that version of you who is way too concerned about what others think of you.

> You know, that version of you who doesn’t realize that others aren’t thinking of you much at all, because they’re thinking of themselves much more.

How often does your representative show up? How often does this YOU show up as YOU?

New York Times best selling author, and body language expert Janine Driver floored me with this simple, yet profound question when I trained with her one-on-one in the great state of Maine a few years back. A truly transformational experience that has profoundly affected all of my work since then.

Here’s a couple of definitions for context:

“representative” – (noun) a person or thing that represents another or others.

“represent” – (verb) to stand or act in the place of, as a substitute, proxy, or agent; to portray or depict; to present the likeness of, or play the part of.

A representative is a stand-in; a substitute; a pretender. My “representative” has shown up for much of my life. My “representative” has always been well-intentioned, and has helped me at times, but has held me back much more. My “representative” appears to be an asset many times, but is actually deficit.

Even writing this now, I have to be careful not to let my rep do the talking (I’ll call him “Rep Tom” vs. “Real Tom”). It’s Real Tom who’s the person behind the words. HE needs to do the talking. Real Tom is edgy, sarcastic, critical, comical, incisive, and intelligent. Yeah, that’s right… intelligent, I fucking said it because it’s true. “Rep Tom” wouldn’t say that. Real Tom would. “Rep Tom” would fear what people might think of him for saying all that. Real Tom wouldn’t.

There’s nothing wrong with being yourself; being honest, raw, and transparent. It’s what real people really want. I do. And I’ve learned that there’s no other way to be if you hope to live a fulfilling life. There’s no other way to be if you hope to truly connect with others deeper than just superficially on social media or elsewhere. There’s no other way to be if you hope to make a real difference while you’re here riding on this rock called planet Earth.

There’s No. Other. Way. To. Be.

“Humans should be less judgey… There’s more to life than falling in line.” – Anonymous Facebook comment

the shiFT:

Retire your representative. Give yourself permission to put that persona out to pasture. I’m talking to me as much as I’m talking to you right here, right now. Do yourself, and the rest of us a fucking favor and just be YOU. Please, just do YOU. There’s no one else to be. There’s no other way to be. There’s no time left to be disingenuous, inauthentic, fake, or living in fear more than you’re not. Anything less than the real, true you is depriving the world of all you have to offer. And that my friends, as my Mother used to say, is a crying shame. So much so, that I personally will not tolerate it any longer for me. Hence this podcast. Nor should you…

Finally, get a coach. Get a mentor. Get a trusted person or persons on your team who will tell you the truth, and push you to get better. To grow. To improve. Constructive feedback isn’t mean or full of ill-will, but rather designed to fire you up, and challenge you to make the necessary changes to bring the most value you have to offer into the world. And the world needs more of that. The world needs your contributions.

My Lifestyle Initiative Training program is one option available to you. More info on that is available here on my site at www.tomleu.com if you’re interested. But no matter the vehicle you choose to get there, just make sure to choose one, and then take massive action. Because time is of the essence.

And speaking of being tolerant:

If you offend easily, I’m not the guy for you, and this ‘aint the place for you. Click off now.

If you’re a fundamentalist freak on the fringe, I’m not the guy for you.

If you’re a judgemental, look-down-your-nose at those who speak their truth, I’m not the guy for you.

If you think you’ve got the market cornered on “the truth” for all, then I’m not the guy for you.

If you’re scared of looking at yourself and owning your own shit, then I’m not the guy for you.

If you think you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong fucking room.

If you’re fired-up, and pumped-up and inspired after reading this… then I’m definitely the guy for you.

… If you see the need and value of talking shiFt… then this is the place for you.

Stay tuned-in…

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talk shiFt™ with Tom Leu Interview


Q&A on the Communichology™ of Pop Culture

“Conversations with Tom” is an interview series with Ricky Midway on the Communichology™ of Pop Culture

Ricky Midway: So tell us what talk shiFt™ with Tom Leu is all about succintly, yet fully.

Tom Leu: As usual, you’re always a bit rough around the edges Mr. Midway.

RM: By now, I figured you’d expect nothing different.

TL: I don’t, so here it is: talk shift™ is Communichology™ with a Kick… (in the ass)

You know you’re gonna have to expand on that right?

Of course… This is about making the perception of improving communication skills more interesting and desirable to individuals and organizations. I say “perception” because communication often gets a bad rap because it’s a subject that few readily admit they need help with, yet most of us do. Often.. Communichology™ examines this all-important subject from the vantage point where communication skills and human psychology collide. This is a unique, and hasn’t ever been approached quite like this.

So another “improve your communication skills” training series?

No, not really. It’s much more than that. It’s deeper, wider-reaching, and more impactful.

But of course, it’s Tom Leu we’re talking to here… why would we expect anything less? Please explain.

Most communication skills trainings only focus on the what we do, and how to improve as communicators. I add in the why we do what we do in the first place by examining what I call communications transactional analysis. That’s a mouthful, but it’s really quite simple. When we know why we’re doing what we’re doing, the what to improve and how to make adjustments for better outcomes becomes more apparent and plausible. TA is form of psychological therapy. I utilize foundations of this approach to examine and improve our transactions as communicators. Our ongoing giving and taking of information in-person, online, and everywhere we are. We’re all continually engaged in communications transactions daily, both intrapersonally and interpersonally. By doing so, longer lasting, positive improvements result. It’s first about raising awareness, then about adujsting our approach for improved outcomes both personally and professionally. And who doesn’t want that?

Sounds like some rather intellectual-type shit… Explain what your concept of Communichology™ is as it relates to talk shiFt™ and your bigger-picture goals with this work.

The lofty goal of the talk shiFt™ brand and business, along with my underlying Communichology™ insights, strategies and resources is simply to improve the world’s relationships one interaction at a time. Communichology™ is a new discipline I’ve developed and term I’ve coined that studies the dynamics and outcomes from the intersection where communication skills and human psychology collide.

>> Read my Manifesto HERE.

That’s a typcial Tom Leu-style lofty-as-hell-goal.

I’m proposing this can be done by first raising awareness by creatively calling out careless and complacent communication and bad behavior in the most honest and edgy way possible. My belief is that “nice wins,” but not before I have your attention in the first place. We can’t get to “nice” sometimes without going through a bit of “not nice” first. Know what I mean?

Hell yes! Absolutely. Finally somebody taking this shit on in a new, and refreshing way.

This is different because I’m encouraging and demanding that people demonstrate improved human communication skills by first possessing a better-than-basic understanding of human psychology; both theirs and others’. It’s proved to be an effective methodolgy, and one that offers practitioners valuable social strategy advantages.

This sounds rather “collegiate” and intellectual… so why all the cussing then throughout much of your writings?

First of all, it’s not intended to be “collegiate” or intellectual necessarily, but it does comes from those places foundationally because I am a social psychologist at the core. And I’ll encourage anyone to click off and/or fuck off if they don’t like it. No offense. I call it “communo-humor” sometimes.

You’ve got no shortage of catchy catch phrases and sound bytes…

Again, it’s who I am, and how I am. I encourage people to take what you like; leave the rest.

I’ll give you credit for having the balls to put it all out there the way you do.

This is not just a vehicle for superfluous, and pointless profanity; but rather an outlet for well-placed and purposeful “language” and vocabulary that adds intended emphasis and meaning where necessary. It’s not to offend, but to commend those with the balls to call shit out and take action to improve. I speak honestly from where I come from, my experiences and education, and how I live and have lived. Read more HERE on my philosophy and purpose of the “potty mouth.”

Your ability to be an effective teacher and trainer, by bridging real issues with a real-world delivery style is refreshing. 

I appreciate that. I’ve spent years developing this work and approach… talk shiFt™ = to Challenge. Change, Grow. Evolve. Move. Modify. Adjust. Alter. I’m offering commentary, insights, and interviews that shiFt the conversation away from politically correct niceties, to productively cogent necessities.

Sounds like a cool concept, but one that is abundantly necessary as well, today more than ever. So sum it all up here in with a few pithy, final phrases.

The goal is to talk shiFt™ ongoing: To raise awareness, adjust our approaches as communicators, and insist on changing things for the better. To shift the conversation, and to shift our perspective to “see” the world differently. Because if we don’t seek different vantage points to view the world through different lenses, we’ll never be able to recognize the opportunities we all have, every day to make a positive difference. Opportunities to shift our thinking, to ultimately shift our behaviors, in the moment, for better outcomes. Change yourself; change the world… in that order.

Why wouldn’t you…? 

Exactly. Agree or disagree; just no apathy.

Stay tuned-in…

**More Conversations with Tom archives.

Stay tuned-in…

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