Radio Show, Ready or Not

How the hell did I go from working as a DJ on a country music radio station, to getting my own rock ‘n roll-type talk radio show on the air in just a few months, and what’s to learn... Read More »
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Communication Trumps Qualifications

Communication skill-set: It's more important than any other technical skills that anyone may possess... Read More »
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4 P’s to Competent Communication

Please consider the following effective practices to put into place to become a more competent and persuasive communicator personally and professionally: 1. Pause – Excellent communication starts with stopping first. There are great rewards for avoiding knee-jerk reactions. They call them... Read More »
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4 “Black Flag” Phrases

You know you’ve heard these phrases before… Perhaps you’ve likely said them yourself… I call them “black flag” phrases, and you should be very afraid of them… These statements are communication suicide for practitioners, though they usually don’t realize... Read More »
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10 Tenets

talk shiFt™ is about getting the best possible end-results by embracing and executing several key areas. Here are the 10 tenets (principles)... Read More »
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Need It Most

I’m so sick of some people dismissing blog posts, talks or trainings on the so-called “soft skills” as simply “common sense.” Just because you may have read a few books or articles on communication and listening skills, or even attended a seminar or two over the... Read More »
Tom Leu | 28 November 2016 | Communications, Psychology | 1 Comment   

Dare You To Move

I get it. You get down. You feel out sometimes. You get stuck in ruts… don’t we all right? But this doesn’t have to mean you’re down and out all the time. Winners in the game of life aren’t victims; always... Read More »
Tom Leu | 25 November 2016 | Communications, Psychology | 1 Comment   

Power of the Potty Mouth

Other titles I considered for this article that I didn’t choose, but liked them enough to still want to list them here: “The Pragmatism of Profanity” – “The Value of Vulgarity” – “The Swagger of Swearing” – “The Cunning of... Read More »
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I Want You, Too

If you want people to do things that you want them to do, NEVER start with… “I want you to…” Here’s a real example of what NOT to say: “Hey everyone: Just a reminder to come out to __(place)__ tonight.... Read More »
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