Money. Power. Sex.

Studies show that these are the three primary human motivators from which all other motivations stem.

Everyone may not intellectually agree with them, but I’ll argue everyone emotionally understands them.

And therein lies the key distinction >> Show someone how to enhance their ability to achieve one or more of these >> earn more money, increase your personal or professional power or position, be more attractive or more appealing to the object(s) of your affection or desires >> and you’ll have their attention.

And getting others’ attention is the new currency in today’s content-soaked, attention-deficit, social media-saturated society.

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Nine (9)

Quality vs. quantity? Most will say the former is more valuable, yet I often see evidence of the opposite. There’s lots of quantity out there these days; with very questionable quality… especially with the rise and proliferation of “documenting” in the age of social media. Today, timelines are teeming with people babbling on-and-on about nothing of any real consequence beyond how they’re “feeling” at the moment, or whatever-the-fuck-it-is they’re doing, about to do, or just got done doing. It’s mind-numbing, but I guess that’s the point for some. But here’s the deal: It’s not compelling. It’s not contributing. It’s not valuable. It’s a fucking waste of time all in the name of posting anything that “shows what it’s really like behind the scenes of my life.” Unless you’re a celebrity to some degree, few give two shits what you’re doing day-to-day. But what’s worse is that many of these people actually believe they’re doing something worthwhile. They’re on a mission to “change the world…” Uh huh. All they’re really doing is broadcasting their own little poorly-produced reality show for their friends and family to consume and click “like.”

So obviously, I’m a big proponent of quality over quantity. The world doesn’t need more content. The world needs more compelling, provocative, and relevant contribution that adds VALUE to the audience for which it’s intended. Content that resonates and moves people to make the necessary changes to positively impact and improve themselves first, others second. Not to glorify the masses of mini-narcissists who simply know how to operate the latest fucking app. As a photographer, I’ve always clung to an anonymous quote I once heard: “Your portfolio is only as good as your worst photo.” Same goes for your online and social media presence. The world is full of stuff. Commit to fill it with good stuff.

Postscript: There are many, many “documenters” out there whom I follow and LOVE their daily/weekly contributions. They’re adding value and truly are changing the world. Obviously, they’re exempt from this rant. #keepthatshitup

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What happens:

PEOPLE SPEWING ALL OF THEIR PERSONAL DRAMA (WITH or without) CAPS LOCK ON ALL OVER FACEBOOK AND OTHER ASSORTED SOCIAL MEDIA SITES… (complete with reckless overuse of the various keypad killers such as !!!!!!!!!!!! and &&**@@##, etc).

What should happen:

1) Demonstrate some RESTRAINT for fuck’s sake by riding roughshod over your impulsive, knee jerk reactions whenever your expectations (of the world and everyone in it) don’t get met. If that’s not possible within your twisted network of neurons, then…

2) Apply to get on one of those daytime “talk shows” that celebrate the skillful display of projectile chairs, frequent flying f-bombs, and idiotic and often incomprehensible rants, to air out all of your bullshit.

3) Expect to have one less “friend” fielding every single FEELING that crosses your corpus callosum…

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Nobody from Nowhere?

The internet (and now, social media) is the great equalizer especially if you are a “nobody from nowhere” – someone without a famous pedigree, a fat wallet, or exceptional circumstances.

Nothing has leveled the playing field giving us all access to the world market quite like the internet has. But to make a name for yourself in any endeavor, you must create a product, service, or brand that is visible and viable for it to be perceived as valuable.

Visible – First, people have to know about you and/or your product, and where to get you and/or your product.

Viable – Second, you and/or your product must be capable of solving problems quickly and easily.

Visible + Viable = VALUABLE

Visibility without viability, or viability without visibility equals little/no perceived value. This is a big problem.

Your stuff must attract both lovers & haters to really make an impact.

How you and your stuff is communicated affects the psychology of the consumers. And this communicational approach should be tailored to the psychology of your target market. Translation: Give people what they want, the way they want it.

The best product doesn’t necessarily win. The product that’s perceived as the best wins…

If what you do is perceived (notice I said perceived; it may or may not be in actuality) to be a commodity, then you have a steeper hill to climb. If something is a commodity, and everybody has it or can get it easily, its value goes way down.

It’s called branding, but it sounds easier than it often is.

The challenge is to make what you do appear unique, therefore in low supply, therefore very valuable. Put a different spin on the tried-and-true. Intend to break the mold. Create something that would get your attention. If your product isn’t necessarily unique, the way you deliver it must be. Capitalize on what makes you, YOU!

Unsigned bands, fitness products, and motivational resources for example, are all definitely commodities. Content-creators are vying for attention from content-consumers. But it’s more crowded and competitive today than ever before due to the internet. You’ve got to stand out and be set apart.

“Success is mostly just about getting heard. Success is feeling validated.” ~ Michael Laskow

So with whatever you do, sometimes just having people pay attention is compensation enough and a good start. The internet and social media can create opportunities, but you must deliver the goods once you’ve got a foot in the door. To truly transcend being a nobody from nowhere… become visible, viable, and ultimately valuable.

If you wanna get heard, then you must separate yourself from the herd.

Stay tuned-in…