Tom Leu on the The Journey Podcast

Tom’s appearance on The Journey podcast with host, Kevin Polky from May 2020: The Man Who Makes Sound Matter Pt. 1 “I have known Tom the majority of my life, close to 40 years. We played football together since middle school, lived together in college, were in each other’s wedding and now have had the opportunity […]

Tom Leu on 96.7 The Eagle

Featured on the Sound Matters Show as an SMx bonus episode which includes additional interviews, “sound matters”-related commentary, and other assorted short segments and audio ear candy. Here’s a conversation I had as a guest on 96.7 The Eagle with Terry “Double T” Turen talking about the show. Listen here >> SOUND MATTERS Facebook Group: […]

Radio Show, Ready or Not

How the hell did I go from working as a DJ on a Country music radio station, to getting my own Rock ‘N Roll-themed talk radio show on the air in just a few months? And… what’s to learn from that? And why should you care? Listen here >> SOUND MATTERS Facebook Group: Stay […]

Tom Leu on the Recovery Rockstars Podcast

Check out my appearance on the killer Recovery Rockstars podcast with host, Kevin Zurek from January 2019: Stay tuned-in… Click HERE for info on my Communichology™ course. Get my articles and exclusive content with science-based insights to shiFt your communication from adequate to ass-kicking!