Eighty-Five (85)

Tom Leu

Majoring in the minors; Minoring in the majors. It happens everywhere, much of the time. This is when people spend inordinate amounts of time focusing on stuff that matters least, at the expense of the stuff that matters most. This happens because it’s easier to avoid the bigger, harder issues at hand, and instead manage the smaller, softer things.

It’s faster. It’s common. And it’s the path of least resistance.

But it’s counter-intuitive because the easy way is actually the hard way. And it’s very destructive long-term. It’s destructive to the health of individuals and organizations. The solution? Become hyper-aware of it. Notice, sooner, when it’s happening. Especially if it’s coming from you. Begin talking about it with your trusted crew. Choose to shiFt your focus, time, and energy to the hard work at hand. Go inward. Take an inventory, and then take new and outward action, despite any apprehension.

By doing the tough stuff first, much of the soft stuff begins to take care of itself. Efficiencies are improved. Time is saved. Sanity is preserved. Win-win-win.

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