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>> Lifestyle Initiative Training™ to recover from careless & complacent communication, along with any vices, devices, or distractions fueling careless & complacent communication…

INITIATIVE (noun): setting into motion; embarking on bold new ventures; the first of a series of actions.

Premise: People are great at bullshitting themselves and others around them. It’s human nature. We lie to others and to ourselves to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. It’s a vicious circle and an addictive cycle that is dangerous and damaging in multiple ways. Getting LIT is about recovering from adverse addictions, crappy communications, killer complacency, and anything else that holds many captive through positive and motivational Lifestyle Initiative Training™. It’s about talking shiFt to begin to “see things” clearly, perhaps for the first time.

Life is all about stories. The stories you tell yourself. And the stories you tell others.

The quality of your communication = the quality of your stories = the quality of your life.

Getting LIT is about examining both the intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills that are the keys to “seeing things” clearly for personal and professional growth.

So many are caught in self-destructive cycles of delusion… either over-estimating assets and/or under-estimating deficits. I’m a big fan of taking initiative and a big foe of complacency. We all get down sometimes, but it doesn’t mean we’re out. Far from it. We just need a kickstart once in awhile… Enter Lifestyle initiative Training™. It’s motivational, it’s educational, it’s entertaining, and it’s edgy.

Lifestyle Initiative Training™ includes resources that teach the art and science of Communichology™- where communication and psychology collide. This is the vantage point from which to best “see things” clearly. Getting LIT is about mastering the concepts of communication, critical thinking, recovery, and social strategy… personally and professionally.

You see, once upon a time, “getting lit” used to mean something entirely different to me than it does today. Once upon a time, my life was upside down due to many decisions I had made over many years time. The sum of these decisions was my chosen lifestyle. I took little initiative other than that which was necessary to escape from my reality.

Then, in a moment of truth, after many years of “moments,” something remarkable happened: THINGS STARTED TO CHANGE WHEN I STARTED TO MAKE CHANGES! To be clear: First, I changed, then things began to change for me; not the other way around.

So, in a few words, here’s what I’ve learned and come to understand during this ongoing process of progress.

Take what you like; leave the rest…

Your life and your lifestyle are not the same thing.

The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of your lifestyle choices.

Your life is the “what” and your lifestyle is the “how” you got the “what” you have.

Get it?

The outcome of your life is up to you.

It’s largely determined by the accumulation and net effects of your day-to-day CHOICES and decisions… your lifestyle.

It’s the sum of what you do and don’t do over time.

How your life turns out has less to do with luck and more to do with work… how hard and how smart you work.

You have to overcome and rise above the obstacles, barriers, and pitfalls in your path by first recognizing them, and second, resolving to do something about them.

Unwilling to admit = incapable of overcoming.

Those who claim not to need help, often need it most.

No one else is going to do it for you. Both your “success” and “failure” are equally your fault.

Life is about taking INITIATIVE, taking chances, and then taking responsibility for your choices and actions.

To get there you must become a master communicator… intrapersonally and interpersonally.

And to do that you must come to intimately understand the science of persuasion and the art of influence.

Life is a contact sport. And we’re all charged with mastering the many differing levels of “contact” made between ourselves and others.

Successfully navigating these “contacts” personally and professionally requires expertise at what I call… social strategy. It’s a learnable skill-set.

Doing this, you uniquely position yourself for “success” (whatever that means to you).

And since you alone hold the keys to unlock your own potential; you alone must position yourself appropriately to pursue your passions, plans, hopes, and dreams.

So get up… stop complaining… get pissed… and grow a pair!


And if “saving” yourself means finding a religion, pursuing a path, joining a group, or identifying with a movement to believe in and positively apply to your life… then do it!

The destination is more significant than the vehicle taken to get there.

Seek your own solution for your own definition of success.

Just do something → and do it now.

Even if it’s scary.

When you begin to take action – you begin to make things happen.

And then, shift happens.

It’s not about waiting or even worse… expecting things to happen to you.

Life owes you nothing!

Examine your expectations.

Open your mind and consider and alternative.

Real-world “rock stars” identify problems (they don’t live in them) → and then seek solutions to act upon and apply, to solve or improve those problems.

Whether it’s to achieve a dream or to overcome a challenge…

Those that have → are those that do.

Those that truly want it → go get it.

Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Life’s most worthwhile things are simple, but not easy.

Lifestyle Initiative Training™ → Educates on the subtleties of communications, recovery, and social strategy… the key principles to master “Communichology.”

Lifestyle Initiative Training™Emboldens your star player within to be the best at what you do the best – personally and professionally.

Lifestyle Initiative Training™ → Empowers the inner initiative necessary to overcome complacency, kick “addiction,” and/or recover from recovery.

In my life today, “getting lit” isn’t about pretending through intoxication, but prevailing by pursuing inspiration that shines a light on the way…

Sometimes it is what it isn’t…

The time is now. Are you ready?

Some words to live by…

Well I’ve been watching | While you’ve been coughing | I’ve been drinking life | While you’ve been nauseous
And so I drink to health | While you kill yourself | And I’ve got just one thing | That I can offer
Go on and save yourself | Take it out on me…

Well I’m not a martyr | I’m not a prophet | And I won’t preach to you | But here’s a caution
You better understand | That I won’t hold your hand | But if it helps you mend | Then I won’t stop it
Go on and save yourself | Take it out on me…

“Cochise” by Audioslave © 2002

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