Good Isn’t Good Enough

Tom Leu

If you are willing to satisfy people with good enough, you can make just about everybody happy. If you delight people and create change that lasts, you’re going to offend those that hate change in all its forms. Your choice.” Seth Godin

I’m choosing the latter. Change in any form is never easy, but required to be achieve greatness in any capacity.


So, what’s it gonna take…?

What’s it really gonna take to get to the next level personally and/or professionally?

The first answer is knowing how to effectively communicate with people in all areas of your life while knowing how to SELL YOURSELF.

World-class is the phrase that comes to mind.  Depending on your specific aspirations and goals, your business and your marketing have to be world-class.  Sounds big and intimidating doesn’t it?  It should.  Because to really have a legitimate shot at “making it” or becoming “successful” in whatever you do, your total package better be world-class. Your equation better be complete. Otherwise, unfortunately, you’re fooling yourself and potentially wasting a lot of time.

You see, being good isn’t good enough. You’ve got to be GREAT. You must have both talent and tenacity.

You’ve got to be a PRO:

Professional – Have compelling and fascinating presentations of your product or services that separate you, and make you stand out from your competition.

Responsible – Consistently do what you say you will do. Follow through, over-deliver, and be accountable for your actions no matter what.

Organized – Know where you’re going and be committed to figuring out how you’re going to get there. And then take the necessary steps to advance from there.

Always look to spend your time engaged in “high-payoff” activities; those efforts that will produce the biggest return on your investment.

Surround yourself with, and spend time with movers & shakers in your world.

Put down any vices, devices, or distractions that hold you back. Think world-class, become a PROfessional, and stop trying to please everyone. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Become great at what YOU do.

Great sells itself. Always has, always will. It’s your choice.

Stay tuned-in…


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