How good…? Do you have to be…? To be good enough?

Tough questions. Easy answer… You and I must be as good, or better, as our situations call for. What do I mean? I mean you and I must be able to rise to the level competency that our circumstances dictate and require to achieve and accomplish goals. No less; possibly more…

But this “more-ness” depends. It depends on how good you want to be, and on how good you need to be for your situations based on your personal goals and aspirations. For example, as a rock drummer for over 30 years now, I’ve never desired, nor needed to play overly-complicated, jazz-influenced, multiple-time-signature-changing-types of music. Not my style. Not my taste. Not my type of music, as a fan or a player. Nothing against it, or those who dig it, just not my personal cup ‘o tea. Can’t play that shit… don’t wanna play that shit either. I’m a four-on-the-floor, thick riffs, big melodies, rock ‘n roller past and present primarily.

So be clear, and focus on being great for the stuff you want and need to be great for… No more, no less.

Stay tuned-in…


Tom Leu, MS/CPC is an Author, Professional Speaker & Published Photographer, Communichologist™ & Radio & TV Host. A National Speakers Association member, Tom talks shiFt™ empowering audiences to "See Things inside Sound Matters" to then begin DOING things differently to affect improved personal & professional outcomes.

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