Seventy-Six (76)

Tom Leu

Leave while you’re on top; quit while you’re ahead…? It can be sage advice, depending

You see and hear about this often from entertainers, actors, musicians, sports stars, and other high-profile types. But what about the average Joe’s? Does this apply to us?

Is it ever a good idea to quit? Are we ever really justified to walk away? To get out? To leave on a high note? I say this IS justified, but it really depends on your personal circumstances and the situation.

If you’re quitting because it’s hard, that’s not a good enough reason. If you’re quitting because you’ve accomplished what you set out to, and you’re onto new challenges, then that’s quite different. Or if you’re quitting because you’ve realized you are on the wrong path… this is also quite different. These are big distinctions.

The pertinent questions are: what are your motives for staying? What are your motives for leaving? It’s the motives for any decision that make a decision “right or wrong,” “good or bad” (not for me or anyone else), but for YOU. Good motives = right decision. Bad motives = wrong decision. It’s subjective, and it’s your call of course. The math isn’t complex, but the deep consideration of these concepts often is…

Stay tuned-in…

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