Thanks, for Nothing

Tom Leu


This entire post SHOULD be unnecessary, but unfortunately it’s not. To me, this all goes without saying… But I’m gonna say it anyway in the hopes that even just one person receives this message the way it’s intended. And that intention is simply to improve the way people communicate with each other, one interaction at a time. That’s the overarching goal of the talk shiFt series, and the manifesto of this site for that matter.

So here it is… the simple act of recognizing a job well done, and the subsequent and appropriate “thank you” response seems to be lost on many people in my experience.

Really, I mean really, how fucking hard is it to say “nice job” or “great work” or something to that effect to someone when it’s deserved?

And then, IF someone who actually has a fucking clue, makes the effort to extend such a compliment, how fucking hard is it to reply with the appropriate “thank you” response?

Apparently this is goddamn rocket science to some. It must be, because I see a lack of this basic Etiquette 101 running rampant repeatedly.

Now, from a psychological perspective, I get it… Some are uncomfortable with interpersonal communication. Some are uncomfortable with praise. Hell, some are just flat uncomfortable with people in general.

So what to do?

the shiFt:

Push the fuck through it. Own your shortcomings, take the feedback, and be willing to grow as a human being and improve.

When you fail at common courtesy, you leave a lasting, and lame impression of you as a person. It matters little if this impression is accurate or not because  with human nature, reality is perception.

So do YOURSELF a favor… say nice things when nice things are necessary, and say “thank you” when complimented. It’s simple. Because remember: there’s no honor in being a dick.

Agree or disagree; just no apathy.

Stay tuned-in…

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