Sixty-Two (62)

Tom Leu

I’m realizing that I’ve been doing what others call “social documentary” for several years now.  As a writer and photographer, I deliberately intend to capture the world’s intricacies, uniqueness, and challenges in order to raise awareness and promote more incisive perspective. My goal has always been to miss less than most and capture humanity in its truest, most unguarded forms.

Here’s my formula: impactful Social Documentary = insightful Social Psychology + applied Social Intelligence. To successfully document the real-world in real-time requires that the documenter have high-levels of both social intelligence, along with a better than basic understanding of social psychological principles simultaneously. This is necessary to skillfully navigate the complex landscape of societal interactions with all types of different people, in all types of differing social circumstances. This combination makes the daunting task of “seeing things” more clear and consistent.

The world is a beautiful place. Even that which is not so beautiful can serve a greater purpose: to help, to encourage, to offer insights, and to give hope to others. Get out there and “see” more of it, more often…

Stay tuned-in…

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