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woman-behind-maskHappy Thanksgiving, and all that happy horse shit…

I don’t mind holidays… I enjoy them as much as the next guy, I just don’t gush over them like a lot of people do. Yes, I’m thankful for things in my life, many things in fact, but I don’t need a designated day to feel more so than any other day. Nor do I feel prompted to proclaim all of my gratitude to the world via the internet.

For me, the incessant amount of well-wishing that is propogated throughout social media on holidays is nothing short of nauseating. It’s bullshit because much of it is forced, fake, and for show. Where the hell are all of these people the rest of the year? Why the sudden urge to post gratitude lists, and worse… pictures of what you’re stuffing your fucking face with all day? Nobody gives two shits about your homemade gravy or pumpkin pie. They only care about their own.

the shiFt:

So please, for the love of your god, stop slobbering all over each other on holidays, and instead, begin being this present, thoughtful, and thankful tomorrow, next week, next month, and all throughout the year.

Demonstrate these coveted, click-bait behaviors while you’re out shopping for that special someone… whilst scowling at all the other impatient fucks in front of you in line, for taking too goddamn long to check out.

Happy Turkey Days hypocrites. You know who you are…

Stay tuned-in…

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