Gratitude… It’s not just meant to be shared in a sunday morning sermon, within a social media thread, given in a holiday card, as a blog post, or only spoken when we’re getting everything we want.

No, it’s meant to be demonstrated by what you do more than what you say. Its intention and meaning is much more authentic when shit’s not going your way. When disappointment is prevalent, yet you can still see what’s positive, is when gratitude is most genuine; most necessary.

Take a deep breath; take a step back; take-in the big picture; and stop taking things for granted. Be grateful for what’s good; for any gratitude you can garner. It’s what separates us.

Stay tuned-in…


Tom Leu, MS/CPC is an Author, Professional Speaker & Published Photographer, Communichologist™ & Radio & TV Host. A National Speakers Association member, Tom talks shiFt™ empowering audiences to "See Things inside Sound Matters" to then begin DOING things differently to affect improved personal & professional outcomes.

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