The Loud Talker

Tom Leu


Ah yes, the “loud-talker” in public… you know who I’m talking about… hopefully it’s not you.

This is an interesting breed of apparently oblivious (though not always), self-indulgent gems who make it their mission to ensure EVERYONE within earshot can hear every bullshit detail of their entire fucking conversation whether welcomed or not.

These self-centered fucks don’t give two shits about anyone else around them, nor about how their intrusive, light-belligerent behavior is negatively affecting others. You see, most people are too nice to say anything to these ass-hats because in a civilized society, most just don’t do that out of respect.

Most of us prefer to avoid making a scene, and being perceived as a dick… because most NORMAL people aren’t acting like impetuous attention-whores, and HAVE respect for others’ in public.

What I love most about these obnoxious, often obfuscating types, is their blaring self-delusion that people, (often even those in their immediate company), actually give two fucks about the…

“900-page-book-they-just read-in-one-day, while-staying-up-to-3:30-in-morning, doing-laundry, flustered-by-the-fact-that-they-just-can’t-seem-to-find-a-job-to-save-their-fucking-life…”

I’m sorry, what was that? I couldn’t tune you out, nor ignore you even from the other side of the goddamn room because you’re talking so fucking LOUD… Here’s a tip: how about a nice warm glass of shut-the-hell-up, before I come over there an shut your pie hole up for you… word to the wise.

Stay tuned-in…


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