Tom Leu


Some people are put off because I often use edgy or “course” language in much of my content online and off. Some even feel compelled, and have the audacity to write to me and share their disapproval, in an attempt to “save me” from my wayward ways. Others claim that those who curse do so because they’re limited and/or incapable of using a higher vocabulary to make their points.

I say that’s all bullshit, and wrote a fairly lengthy, and might I even say, clever-as-fuck explanation titled “Power of the Potty Mouth” to dismantle any and all of these asinine arguments. Anyone who knows me, or has followed my work, knows that semantics is one of several key areas of paramount importance to all I do, promote, and propagate. I do not choose my words lightly (nor should you). Whether edgy or elegant, it’s all on purpose, and premeditated to make my points. If you’re of the easily-offended ilk, you’ll likely not like my style, nor are my target audience. No harm, no foul. But, if you have any sense of literary style, and/or sense of humor, you’ll get a kick out of the “Potty Mouth” piece. Peace.

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