Eighty (80)

Tom Leu

PreJUDGEment (you’re doing it right now deciding if you’re going to keep reading this or not).

Preconceived notions. Stereotypes. Judging a book by its cover. Hell, just judging in general is pervasive (and kinda fun sometimes you have to admit — and if you don’t admit it, you’re a damn liar and you know it).

These are behaviors that are impossible to avoid, more or less, for everyone, unless you live under a rock. Some don’t even attempt to avoid them; they in fact, embrace them. It’s not always bad because sometimes, even oftentimes… you’re right about the conclusions you jump to.

All of us see the world through acquired filters that skew our view. Filters that are formed and shaped from your experiences and compounded over time. And I’ll argue that they’re impossible to completely eliminate. You can only moderate and manage them (like your drinking on a scant few New Years Eve’s past).

the shiFt:

It starts by becoming super aware of their existence, and then beginning to look at these filters and (pre)-judgements with the same amount of scrutiny and exuberance that you often assign to others. Most people deserve the benefit of the doubt (just like you want from other people). So work to give a little bit of it up to others with the same conviction as you expect others to give it up to you.

It’s a choice.

Stay tuned-in…

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