Fifty-Three (53)

Tom Leu

It’s been said: “All work and no play make Johnny a dull boy.” People who do little else but work all the time have issues. They’re running from something. They’re doing the avoid-dance. Being ambitious and driven are good qualities to possess. Success requires hard work of course, and this often requires choosing a course that few others are willing and/or able to choose.

But as impressive as dedication and commitment to one’s endeavors are, workaholism is no joke. Any “ism” is serious stuff that matters. People need to be able to disconnect and have down time, even if they don’t think they do. People need time to reflect, to recharge, and to remind themselves of who the hell they are. This is impossible if you’re either fostering or fielding incessant amounts of “work” without the necessary and requisite spaces between the to-do’s. Choose to shield yourself from this shit at all costs. Even if that means the cost is paying the price that comes with choosing a different career path. Life’s too short…

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