Fifty-Four (54)

Tom Leu

I love history. I love knowing what went on prior, how things happened, and how things came to be. I love understanding, and more importantly, somehow and to some extent feeling the journey of those who came before me.

Recording history requires the capture of time in various forms. In written form. In image form. In audio form. I enjoy all three because they all have the ability to foster feelings and experiences in others. Writing, photography, and music are about stolen time. Stealing moments inconspicuously and cleverly many times. Like a good book, a moving song, or a compelling image, these moments in time can be re-visited time and time again.

The best writers, composers, and photographers endeavor to be invisible. Nonchalant observers documenting what they see for others to “see” later. They’re hardly noticeable by those they’re noticing and capturing. They’re master observers of others, while simultaneously observing themselves. They intuitively understand that great learning takes place both ways…

Stay tuned-in…

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