Impactful Communichology requires you and I to “get” the (3) three “Gets” worth getting:

#1. Get over yourself

Admit when either A) you just don’t know something, or B) you’re just plain not sure. This requires that you sharpen your skill of humility. Lower your defenses by dumping the “common sense defense.” Increase your self-awareness. Embrace the fact that neither you, nor I or anyone else, is the alpha and the omega, and has all the fucking answers.

Do the research. Open yourself up to learning new things. Resist the urge to demonstrate contempt prior to investigation. Understand that knowledge acquisition is strength, not weakness. Understand that not knowing, is actually “knowing…” You don’t have to look far to see people bustling around bemoaning how others’ “just don’t get it.” Don’t be that person. Get over yourself…

#2 >>

Stay tuned-in…


Tom Leu, MS/CPC is an Author, Professional Speaker & Published Photographer, Communichologist™ & Radio & TV Host. A National Speakers Association member, Tom talks shiFt™ empowering audiences to "See Things inside Sound Matters" to then begin DOING things differently to affect improved personal & professional outcomes.

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