I Want You, Too

Tom Leu


If you want people to do things that you want them to do, NEVER start with… “I want you to…”

Here’s a real example of what NOT to say:

“Hey everyone: Just a reminder to come out to __(place)__ tonight. I want you there no later than __(time)__. You can all help do __(this)__ and do __(that)__. Also, I want some of you to __(do this)__. Wear  _(clothing theme)__ and tell everyone you know to come out too.”

The example above contains no fewer than seven commands. COMMANDS are not requests. When you are requesting help from others, you don’t command them. This will piss people off. Just because what you’re doing is your #1 priority, it’s definitely not everyone else’s. This is the opposite of persuasion and influence.

the shiFt:

Communichology™  teaches that you should NOT tell people what YOU want, but instead, first find out what THEY want. Then, build your request around meeting their needs while you get what you want and need simultaneously. Some claim this is common sense, but just look around… it’s rarely evident in the actions of most. People like to help others when it’s presented properly and appropriately. It makes them feel necessary, needed, and valued (what they want). Acknowledging others’ busy schedules and then politely and respectfully requesting their participation is the appropriate approach to get the most bang for your buck, and the biggest ROI for them.

Communichology™ teaches these, and other critical communication nuances to be the most effective leader personally and professionally. Hell, screw being an effective leader, how about just being a cool fucking person.

So, I WANT YOU TO GO CHECK OUT MY STUFF NOW… because, there’s a lot in it for you if you do.

Stay tuned-in…


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