Forty-Two (42)

Tom Leu

The concept of “dream-stealing” is one I’ve written and talked about quite a bit over the years. I don’t have too many of these folks in my life (anymore), but more will crop up, they always do. I’ve made conscious decisions to distance myself from dream-stealers past and present. These are the people that sucked more energy and life out of me than they put in. They had to go.

Some of these were the know-it-all’s, or the huff and puffers, and the avoider types among others, that I’ve written about. The move away from some of these people wasn’t easy, but it was possible, and I’m far better off for it.

I used to discuss this concept of “dream-stealing” with groups of new students at the college where I taught classes in psychology and communications. I would often hear from many students who shared their stories that involved others in their lives (typically family and friends) who worked hard to make their already hard path, even harder by being discouraging, skeptical, and generally unsupportive of their endeavors. I’ve heard it said: people want you to do well, just not better than them… So for some, their mission in life becomes making others’  lives more difficult. I encouraged these students then, as I’m encouraging you now, to cut these folks loose… immediately. Kick them to the fucking curb.

Never allow someone else’s lack progress, or dreams of their own, to hinder or hijack yours. That’s on YOU if you do…

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