Do you give as much consideration to the reception of your communication as you do the sending of it?

Do you consider your wording (written or verbal) and its impact?

Do you consider your vocal tone (intended or unintended) and its impact?

Do you consider your intentional or unintentional body language communication and its impact?

Do you consider the timing of your communication and its impact?

Do you consider potential assumptions others are holding when in communication with them? Assumptions about you? Assumptions about the intention of your message?

Do you consider how your credibility is either enhanced or hurt with every single communication you send?

Do you care?

You should. 

If you don’t, then it’s good that you’re receiving this right now.

Read it again. And again, and again…

Stay tuned-in…


Tom Leu, MS/CPC is an Author, Professional Speaker & Published Photographer, Communichologist™ & Radio & TV Host. A National Speakers Association member, Tom talks shiFt™ empowering audiences to "See Things inside Sound Matters" to then begin DOING things differently to affect improved personal & professional outcomes.

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