It’s Scary

Tom Leu

It’s so simple, it’s scary.

Fact: Exemplary communication skills (verbal, nonverbal, emotional, & written) yield personal and professional opportunity and advantage.

Scary simple, but not easy…

What’s even scarier is the assertion that most people suck at their communication.

That’s right, they suck. They stink at it.

Just look around… communication breakdowns are evident everywhere, everyday, in all ways.

What’s scarier yet is that most people falsely believe that they’re good at this stuff, or at least good enough.

They’re not.

They’re nowhere nearly as good as they think they are, or they NEED to be…

Most think they don’t need any additional training or enhanced skills in this area.

They do. We ALL do on occasion…

These people pay a high price for their arrogance and apathy in the long-run. It may show up as: not getting the job; not getting the date; getting passed up for a promotion; unstable personal and professional relationships, etc.

You and I know the world is furiously dynamic and fast-changing. As such, our communication skills must be spot-on in the moment; most moments. Our communication needs to be able to adapt and evolve within any myriad of circumstances that pop up as necessary.

That’s a mouthful. Read it again… Very few can do this effectively and consistently.

Therefore, mastering skills in the art and science of Communichology™ is not only nice, but necessary.

Being a great communicator is about embracing a lifestyle that requires taking initiative and being proactive around your own personal achievement.

It’s THE big idea and THE big difference.

It starts with recovering from the self-delusion that you don’t need any help in this area. We all do at times. That’s honest. And honesty is required to “recover” from anything.

I train and teach on the desperately needed strategies and skills to meet these life demands head-on. I prepare people to not only survive, but to thrive in these challenging times. “Success” hinges on one’s communication… first with yourself (intrapersonally), and then with others (interpersonally).

I help you raise your awareness, your skills around your communication skills, your emotional and social intelligences, your recovery processes, and your social strategy techniques.

I call it Lifestyle Initiative Training and it’s kick-ass!

How much is that worth?

So much, it’s scary…

Stay tuned-in…


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