Sixty-Seven (67)

Tom Leu

Talent – something you’re born with; something you may or may not have to work at, more or less, to develop and improve.

Skill – something you’re not born with; something you must work to develop and improve.

Your combination of talent and skill that produces something unique to you is what sets you apart from others. This uniqueness, packaged up and offered to others is how you can contribute and give back to the world.

However, there are three general certainties about people you need to be aware of:

  1. They are busy,
  2. They have short attention spans, and
  3. They are mainly thinking about themselves most of the time.

Your talent/skill combo must take these truisms into account when approaching people with your products, services, good intentions, or desires.

Because we’re all in the problem-solving/making-life-easier-for-others business. All of us. All of the time. So, make it about them first; you second. It’s counter-intuitive. But once this mindset shiFt sets in, the world takes on a whole new view as your outcomes will begin to improve.

Stay tuned-in…

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