Tom Leu


Positioning. Politicking. Panicking. It’s what people do; more or less; much of the time. This is all especially noticeable when change brings about uncertainty, unpredictability, and/or opportunity. Folks begin to behave in peculiar ways when the perception is that there’s something significant to gain or something significant to lose. You see, people either rise-up or retreat.

But it’s the rising-up that’s most interesting to observe. There are good, and not-so-good ways to advocate for, and assert yourself. No one has the market cornered on the best ways to go about this. Some to are able to pull this off with tact, poise, and professionalism. Others just end up coming off like bullies. Your approach always has to depend on the people, places, and particulars at play. This is why this stuff is so hard. It’s an art form. One size does not fit all. It requires you to be able to read people, intuit situations, influence others, and react in the best ways to further, not hinder your cause. It means you must have the ability to adjust your own communication and behavior on-the-fly, in the moment, and in response to others, in order to best influence your desired outcomes.

Most think they’re good at this; most are not. It’s kinda scary... How ’bout you?

Stay tuned-in…


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