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Change nothing… expect nothing to change. This is regularly expressed, but rarely executed. Why? Because aside from the human need for variety and some uncertainty at times, the idea of change (especially changing ourselves) is an unwelcome intrusion. People don’t like change because it’s one of the best catalysts to produce fear in most of us. 

And fear is one of the, if not THE, most powerful forces, and potent motivators… many unfortunately choose to avoid at all costs. I know, because I used to as well. So here’s the shiFt: Get clear of which kind of fear you’re actually facing… >> Is it the fear of losing something you already have, or is it the fear of not getting something you want? Clarity around these questions immediately begins to diminish the fear simply by beginning to take a closer look at it. You’ve overcome it before; you can again.

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One thought on “Thirty

  1. I Love this topic! The problem in almost every conflict is that something touched a persons core fear. This core fear then triggers a destructive “Fear Dance” that involves our hurts, fears, wants, and reactions! By identifying our core fears we can then understand that the change or other person isn’t the problem! Great Blog Tom!

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